Alongside our regular puppy and dog obedience classes in Surrey, we offer a selection of special workshops to tackle specific problems or to take your training to another level. The Puppy Fun and Games workshop is an ideal complement to our puppy classes in Surrey, teaching a variety of tricks and games which are designed to provide the right level of both physical and mental exercise for your puppy. Once your dog is a little older, you may want to move on from our puppy classes in Surrey and teach your dog a few new tricks. Not only will this impress family and friends, but it also provides continuing exercise and stimulation for your growing dog. Our Tricks Training workshop will help you learn how to teach your dog tricks, whilst strengthening your relationship with your canine companion.

Our Agility Training workshop is ideal for dogs of 12 months or over, and provides a workout for both you and your dog as you learn how to guide them around the agility course, improving your control and technique as well as their agility and obedience. This course is extremely popular so early booking is advised, or you can contact us to arrange individual training with our dog trainer in Banstead.

  • Recall Workshop
  • Pulling on the Lead Workshop
  • Agility Training
  • Tricks Training Workshop
  • Introduction to Scentwork Workshop
  • Gundog Workshop
  • Puppy Fun and Games Workshop
  • Rally Workshop
  • Kids Club
  • Real Dog Yoga Workshop
Two of the most common problems that dog owners face are pulling on the lead and failing to come back when called. To learn how to train your dog to behave better both on and off the lead, you can join our Recall and Pulling on the Lead workshops and work with our dog trainer in Wimbledon, Epsom or Sutton to resolve these issues with your pet. Please note that these workshops are not suitable for dogs with aggression problems towards people or other dogs; if your pet has these issues, you can contact our dog trainer in Kingston, Sutton or Wimbledon for an individual dog behaviourist consultation and advice.


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