We now offer a range of various online services including private lessons over video calls such as Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype, monthly subscription classes and video courses.

Benefits of online training:

- Perfect for busy families that can't commit to getting out each week to go to dog training classes because of young children etc
- If you can't drive or live too far from a good dog trainer
- If you have a dog that is fearful of other dogs and/or people so going to an in person dog training class would be too stressful

Private Lessons

These can be helpful for the following issues:

  • Advice before you get your puppy                                       
  • Puppy problems such as biting, toilet training etc
  • General basic training
  • Getting your dog to come back to you
  • Lead walking
  • Advice for your new rescue dog
  • Anxiety towards people
  • Resource Guarding
  • Aggression 

We offer half hourly sessions for £35 or hourly sessions for £70.  

All our other online video and subscription courses are set out below and can be booked by clicking on the relevant course.

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