Aggressive behaviours in dogs can occur for a number of different reasons:

- Fear towards strangers
- Fear of other dogs
- Guarding high value items such as food, chews, sleeping areas or their owner
- Prey Drive
- Pain-related
- On-leash frustration

Working with any of these problems is always dealt with on a one to one basis with one of our highly qualified and experienced trainers.  We will help you to understand why your dog is displaying these behaviours and how you can help to resolve it.  We will give you lots of effective training solutions, management strategies, enrichment ideas and offer support outside of your sessions as well.

Sessions can take place online through Zoom, in your home, at our private field in Banstead and out in local parks.

Because of the complexity of aggression, the problem usually cannot be resolved with just one session.  We offer multiple session programmes that are tailored to the client. 

Please give us a call on 07739 815 265 or send us a message if you do have a dog with aggression problems, and we can advise what would best be suited for your needs. 

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