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Top Dog Training Mistakes To Avoid ( Part 1)

Dog training isn’t exactly always a walk in the park, and we’re all guilty of making a few honest mistakes along the way. But this can be a recipe for frustration for both you and your dog!

As leading providers of dog training in Kingston if there’s one thing we know, its dogs. So to give you a helping hand here we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the most common dog training mistakes and how to avoid them.


dog traning


Repeating Yourself!

You say sit and they… look at you with a completely blank expression – it’s a familiar situation faced by many dog owners.

When this happens it can be all too tempting to simply keep  repeating yourself – until your dogs face has turned to one of complete boredom and you’re left sounding like a broken record!

But this can be a big mistake. It’s important to avoid repeating a command over and over again as you will simply be teaching your dog that they do not have to respond to your first command!

If you’re sure that you dog knows how to do a trick but they ignore your first command, then chances are you’ve either taught them the trick wrong or your dog is simply trying out a little rebellion – don’t let those puppy eyes fool you!

Ask once again – in a quiet place – and if your dog is still not playing ball then it’s probably time to go back to basics and teach them the trick again!


confused dog


Being Inconsistent

Only training your dog when you feel like it can be a mistake. A big mistake!

When putting your pooch through their paces, consistency is key. That’s because a lack of consistency from you could ultimately lead to a lack of responsiveness from your dog.

With this in mind It’s important to be consistent with the rules you set for your dog. For example, don’t reward your dog for jumping up one day because you are glad to see them, but then tell them off the next for the same behaviour, as this will only lead to one thing – a case of canine confusion!


Not Being Clear With Your Commands

Dogs are pretty smart. But that said, they’re not mind readers, and if they don’t understand what it is you want, then they cannot be expected to respond.

With this in mind, make sure to keep your commands clear and concise. The easiest way to ensure this is to choose command words that are short and easy to differentiate between. Follow this simple tip and you should be able to avoid your directions from becoming lost in translation.


puzzled dog


We hope you’ve enjoyed these tops tips for avoiding dog training mistakes. Make sure to keep an eye here on our blog as we will soon be taking a look at some more dog training faux pas that you’re definitely going to want to avoid.

In the meantime if you would like some help training your pooch, then here at CK9 Training we can help. We offer a wide range of dog training services sure to suit you and your dog perfectly. For more information simply contact our friendly team today, by giving us a call on 07739 815 265.