Teaching Your Dog Or Puppy To Settle

Much as we all love our dogs, it’s impossible to give them our full attention 24/7.  There are times when we just need our dog or puppy to settle down for a nap while we get on with life.  Maybe you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or be able to take a pub walk and know that Fido won’t be scoffing chips from a stranger’s plate.  Or perhaps you want to nip to the supermarket (or go to work) without your dog howling pitifully and annoying the neighbours.… Read More

How To Start Puppy Training

Some trainers will tell you that puppy training starts from the moment you walk away from the breeder’s home with your new fur baby in your arms.  But I think it starts BEFORE then, as you prepare to welcome puppy into your home.… Read More

How to play with your dog

How to play with your dog

Want to build strong bonds with your pet? There’s no better way to enrich both of your lives than relaxing and having fun together.… Read More

5 fun things to do with your dog this spring

  • Go on a Sniffari
  • Enjoy a Picnic together
  • Create a sensory garden
  • Tackle those training problems you’ve been meaning to sort out
  • Teach your pet a new trick or two

Take your dog on a “sniffari”

What’s a sniffari?… Read More