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What does dog training cost?

Working with a qualified dog trainer certainly makes owning a dog much easier. But how much does dog training cost and what will you get for your money?… Read More

How do I stop my dog behaving badly?

In this blog we’re looking at impulse control. When your dog is too boisterous, too noisy or just can’t resist chasing cats, carefully managed impulse control training can really help stop your dog behaving badly.… Read More

Top Ten Tips for adopting a rescue dog

First of all, thank you for thinking about adopting a rescue dog instead of buying a new puppy. There are so many beautiful animals out there who are homeless through no fault of their own.… Read More

Help! My puppy has turned into a rebel!

The team at CK9 regularly hear from worried dog owners who thought they had successfully “cracked” their puppy’s training, only to find that at roughly 5-7 months of age, the dog starts to behave in unexpected ways.… Read More