The Benefits of Online Dog Training

23/06/2023 - Blog

The Benefits of Online Dog Training 

Online training can bring the same value, if not more, than in-person training. The biggest benefit is the fact that you get to train your best friend which puts you in a unique position of having to think like a dog trainer. This can build a special bond between you and your dog. Even in a crowd, your dog will focus on you and be able to rely on your voice alone. 

Some of the other benefits of online training are:

  1. Fewer distractions - allowing you to be hands-on and build focus and the dog's ability to not be distracted 

  2. Access to trainers - breaking down the barrier of location. You don't need to settle for someone around you, can find the best trainer for you even if that person is miles away

  3. An engaged community - many of these types of training have a dedicated online community space where you can ask for advice and share experiences

  4. No age, breed, or vaccine restrictions - with online training these factors don’t matter, also not focused on puppies only or fully vaccinated animals either. 

  5. Comfortability - the online training can take place at home or at a place where you and your dog are the most comfortable. 

  6. Affordability - as this is done at your own home, there are no travel costs, and because this is online it is often cheaper too.

  7. Feedback - you are able to receive immediate feedback and ask any questions you may have while in your session.

  8. Behaviour - as you and your dog are in your normal surroundings, the online trainer is able to better assess your dog's behaviour and make changes accordingly

Find out more today on the online services we offer and begin the journey of training your best friend.