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Should You Train An Adult Dog?

Training your pet from a young age can be a great idea, but for many reasons, this isn’t always viable. If you rescue an older dog, for example, you may want to commit to training your new companion. Even if your dog has been with you since he or she was a puppy, embarking on training can still be a good idea.

Whilst your dog may have some knowledge of basic commands, they may need an extra incentive. Often, dogs stop listening when they become adolescents, so you’ll want to learn how to control and motivate your pet without resorting to negative techniques.

Stop dog

Stopping Bad Behaviour

If your dog is exhibiting naughty behaviour, such as barking excessively or jumping up at you, you could consider adult dog training in Sutton which would be an ideal way to stop this type of behaviour. By learning why your dog is acting in a certain way, you can ensure that their energies are directed elsewhere.

If your dog is barking for attention, for example, you’ll learn how to respond appropriately. In some cases, owners may be inadvertently rewarding the barking by interacting with the dog, even if they are attempting to silence it.

When you undertake dog training in Sutton, you’ll learn alternative ways to manage your dog’s behaviour. Whilst problematic behaviour can be stressful for your dog and your family, effective training can be fun for everyone involved!

Of course, adult dog training isn’t just focused on ridding your pet of bad behaviour. You and your dog will also have the chance to learn basic commands, such as sit and stay. In addition to this, you’ll gain confidence when letting your dog off the lead by practising recall techniques.

Real-Life Training Environments

In some cases, dogs exhibit perfect behaviour when they’re in a controlled setting. When they’re outside, however, they can become engrossed in the environment, so it’s important to keep their attention.

Dog training in Sutton includes real-life training in a park setting so that you can put the skills you’ve acquired into practice when you and your dog are out and about. To find out more about adult dog training, why not contact us today?