Puppy Training Classes in Dorking, Surrey

CK9 dog training are very pleased to announce a new course of puppy training classes starting in Dorking on 8th January 2019.

Why is puppy training important?

No one can deny that young puppies are cute and that almost everything they do is adorable. But as they grow, some of those natural doggy behaviours aren’t so great.

  • Puppy jumps up at your legs – cute. Adult dog leaps at you and plasters your best clothes in mud – not great.
  • Toilet accidents from a puppy – only to be expected. Floods of pungent pee from an adult dog – Yuk.
  • Little excited yaps to welcome visitors – cute. Responding to the doorbell with barks, growls and teeth– definitely a no-no!

Your job as a dog owner is to shape your gorgeous puppy into a well-mannered, confident and manageable adult dog. And puppy classes are an important part of that.

CK9 puppy classes are all about doggy life skills. We help you to teach your pup all about the big wide world and the best way to approach it. Ultimately, you aim to have and adult dog with impeccable manners around people and other dogs. One who walks confidently on the lead without pulling and is safe to take out in public. In puppy life skills classes we also show you how to teach your dog to manage their natural doggy instincts and not to lick faces or steal food. Naturally, we’ll tackle any other questions you have too.

What happens at a puppy training class?

Our puppy training courses in Dorking take place at Newdigate Village Hall. There’s lots of onsite parking so you won’t have to negotiate busy roads with your pup.

The very first thing you’ll do is meet your trainer and your classmates. You’ll find out how reward based training works better than old fashioned methods. We’ll also discuss your dog training goals so that the classes can be tailored to your needs.

Every puppy / owner combination will have unique characters, experiences and training goals and we want everyone to get the best help that we can offer. That’s why we deliberately keep our class sizes small. With smaller classes shy puppies won’t feel overwhelmed, bold puppies won’t get overexcited and everybody can have one to one time with the trainer.

Typically, our trainer will explain and demonstrate a training technique and then you will have time to practice individually. If your pup doesn’t seem to listen at first, we’ll work together to help him focus and understand you.

There’ll be time to meet other pups too – but under close supervision so that everyone feels safe.

What will my dog learn from classes that he can’t learn at home?

Training a pup at home and in the garden is essential and we absolutely encourage you to do that. However it’s important that he learns to ignore distractions and listen to you. If you’ve ever raised toddlers you’ll know how difficult it is to get them to get young things to concentrate! Puppy class provides young dogs with the distractions of potential playmates, toys and equipment. But it’s safe.

Being able to meet and feel comfortable around other dogs is an important life skill for puppies. Many of the problems that our behaviourists help adult dogs with stem from a fear of unknown dogs. So for your puppy to spend time with his own kind in a safe environment is absolutely vital. It seems as though puppy life skills develop quickest in the first 18 weeks of their lives. After that it’s harder for them to overcome fears so those puppy training classes could set your dog up for life.

What do puppy training classes cost?

The 7 week course of puppy training classes at Dorking cost £82.00*. That’s about the same as a good quality dog bed and the benefits will last a lifetime.

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*Price correct at December 2018. Please check our website for more details