3 Things You Should Introduce To Your New Puppy

A new puppy is a perfect bundle of joy and it would be natural to feel the need to protect them from anything big or loud. However, introducing puppies to new situations, scenarios and settings at a young age will actually reduce their chances of feeling fear and aggression as they grow older. For an emotionally happy dog we recommend you introduce your new puppy to these three things.

Happy Puppy

1. Humans

Of course your puppy is going to get used to you and your family, but it’s also important that he’s used to being around other people of all ages. You may not have children of your own, but in public situations you are very likely to come across children of all ages and it’s important that your puppy grows up to recognise that people are not a threat, even if they’re noisy and over excitable, as many children are. Consider taking your puppy with you on visits to family and friends (if they allow) so that he can adapt to meeting new people.

2. Noise

Noise is everywhere and dogs, of course, can be over sensitive to it. Yet you shouldn’t shelter your puppy from noise, otherwise they could develop noise phobias into their adult lives. Walking your dog on a safe leash near traffic, taking your dog in the car with you and keeping all household noise at its usual level will help your pup to recognise loud noises as part of life and not something to fear.

3. Other dogs

You’ll encounter other dogs on walks and one day you may even want to introduce another pet to the family. Either way, it’s important that your puppy learns to socialise with other dogs. With time, patience and training your puppy will get used to dogs of different sizes and temperaments, allowing them to play and enjoy the company of their canine companions!

Puppy training is a great way for dogs to socialise and learn new skills. If you’re looking for Puppy Classes in Surrey then contact us today to see how we can help.