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How to Keep Your Dogs Clean

Keeping your dogs clean, smelling fresh and well groomed can be a struggle – especially if your pet enjoys rolling around on the ground or is a naturally smelly dog! It’s quick fixes between baths that we’re interested in, so we at CK9 Training have compiled a list of five easy ways to keep them clean, healthy, and smelling great.


1. Use Pet Wipes

Pet wipes can be found at any good pet shop – or you can even use baby wipes as an alternative. They’re a perfect portable solution to muddy paws and messy rear ends when out and about, and will have your best friend smelling fresh in no time.

2. Clean Your Dog’s Bed and Toys

Dog beds, blankets and toys can harbour all sorts of smells, which can easily be transferred to your pet – not ideal, if it’s just after bath time! Cleaning them will not only help your dog to smell better, but your whole home too.


3. Keep Their Ears Clean

Like humans, dogs have ears that can trap all sorts of dirt as well as wax, and this is sometimes where the bad smells can come from. Use a few drops of baby oil in each ear, massaging it in with a cotton wool ball to remove any build-up. Be careful, though – like ours, their ears are sensitive and can easily be damaged.

Golden retriever puppy run from front view

4. Avoid Bad Breath

It’s never too late to start cleaning your dog’s teeth, which will keep their breath nice and fresh; you’ll be able to buy toothpaste formulated for dogs as well as doggie toothbrushes from your local pet shop. Dental chews can also help to keep their teeth clean and healthy, as can increasing the fruit and vegetable content of their diet.

Border Collie

5. Use Dry Shampoo

Whether it’s a special dog dry shampoo or even simply baking soda or cornflour, massaging the powder through your dog’s coat with a clean and dry towel can help to remove that signature dog smell from their fur.


If part of your dog’s bad smell is due to rolling around in things that he or she shouldn’t, contact us to find out about our training services.