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How Dog Training Can Help You Bond with Your Dog

Training your dog is about more than just teaching them to behave; positive dog training infinitely improves the relationship between dog and owner, strengthening your connection and ensuring a bond for life. So how does compassionate dog training help to improve the bond between a dog and its owner?

Teenage child with border collie

Obedience Taught with Respect

Obedience which is taught on the basis of mutual trust and respect strengthens the ties between dog and owner as both learn to work as a true ‘team’. Dogs who are trained with love and compassion help them to become obedient because they trust their owners and know that complying is in their best interests.

Increased Knowledge of Their Behaviour

Compassionate dog training can help you to understand why your dog behaves the way it does. If your dog is chewing on an object, for example, this could be a sign of the body seeking something missing from the diet. You can then take the necessary steps to correct this.

Grow Mutual Trust

Learning to trust one another is hugely important when it comes to bonding with your dog. Not only is it paramount that a dog trusts its owner, but also that an owner trusts his or her dog – the feeling of progress which comes with training bad habits out of your dog can do wonders for your mutual relationship.

Have Fun Together

The word ‘training’ can be a bit of a misnomer because it really makes the art of dog training sound a lot more like work than it is. Training your dog using games, toys, and agility courses can be great fun for both dog and owner, and is a great way for you to enjoy some ‘quality time’ with your pup.

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