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Hot Dog Tips for When the Sun Hits

At CK9 Training, providing expert dog training in Epsom, we know precisely how much your furry friend means to you, and with the upcoming heat wave (yeah, right!) it pays to keep your buddy comfortable.  Whilst the summer gives your dog the freedom of outdoors, the heat can bring a host of issues that the usual British summertime is kind enough to avoid.

Early Walkies

This is more of a common sense issue. Temperatures are significantly cooler in the earlier hours, so heading out early will make the walk less dangerous for your dog and more enjoyable for yourself.

To Shave or Not to Shave

Whilst it seems a good idea to shave your dog to prevent them from overheating in the British summer weather, it may not always be the best idea. The fact is some dogs would benefit from having their ears lowered and others would suffer.  Those with double coats, or undercoats, do not need shaving as their undercoats act as their own air conditioner.

Male Tibetan Terrier Dog

Heat Stroke

As you may be aware, your dog will attempt to combat their overheating by panting. However, in summer, sometimes they can struggle to regulate their temperature, leaving them ahot-dog with heatstroke.  The signs of a dog suffering from heat stroke aren’t always visible, although there will be tell-tale signs.

You will notice an increase in their heart and panting rate, with increased salivation.  Other mouth-related indications are in the tongue and gums, which will go red and their saliva will become thick.  The more extreme cases of heatstroke with your pet will see them become weak, depressed, and dizzy, and could even lead to diarrhoea. Also, heatstroke can induce vomiting in your pet, which may even involve your pooch throwing up blood.  If any of the earlier symptoms occur, you should try cool them down before they reach the more extreme symptoms, or call or visit your vet as soon as possible.

Dog Drinking From Hydrant - iStock_000006176006_Medium

Hydrate Your Mate

This is self explanatory, as much like a human, your dog can become dehydrated in increased heat.  You can encourage your dog to drink more water by adding some tuna water or broth; who could resist the scrumptious aroma of watered down fish or beef?

Keep Them Entertained!

Last but not least, keep your pet amused!  Fill a paddling pool in your back garden or take them to a local river or stream, but make sure you keep them cool!

At CK9, like you, we live for dogs and would hate to see them affected by the fluctuations in temperatures that hit the country this time of year.  So if you follow these tips to keeping your dog healthy, wealthy and cheeky, then we will all have a great summer.

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