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Four Valuable Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Winter

The winter brings with it many hazards, the majority of which stem from dark nights and cold temperatures. These conditions don’t just affect us either. Sadly, they also affect our beloved dogs. This means dog owners should give some extra thought into how to keep their dogs healthy over the next few months. Here are a few valuable tips to make sure that they make it through the season as strong and as able-bodied as ever.


It’s important that you keep taking your dogs on frequent walks over the winter. Admittedly, it can be tricky – what with wind, rain, and snow sometimes making it a misery. However, you must remember that regular walks increase your dogs’ fitness levels and help lower their blood pressure. Therefore, you should jump at all opportunities to take your dog for a stroll.


Winter means Christmas – and Christmas means chocolate. For humans, eating chocolate is all part and parcel of the festive season. However, you should by no means let your dog get hold of any. If your four-legged friend eats even the smallest amount of chocolate they run the risk of suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea. Meanwhile, a larger quantity can seriously take its toll on your dog’s health, and can run the risk of causing heart attacks, seizures, and internal bleeding.


A dog can’t tell you when they’re too cold. You’ll have to use your initiative and decide for yourself. If your pooch is short haired it is advisable to get them a coat to wear during their walks, this way they won’t suffer in the chilly temperature. Alternatively, you could consider a hi-vis jacket so your canine is more visible in the dark.


It’s best to keep a close eye on your dog’s drinking habits around the winter. If your dog’s water bowl is usually kept outside, make sure it doesn’t freeze over. Also, if you have the heating on then make sure your dog is comfortable and can reach enough water at all times.

Peace of Mind

If you follow these tips you should have peace of mind throughout the winter. If you’re after more valuable information, you can always turn to CK9 Training for expert help. For more information on taking care of your dog in winter, contact us today.