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Follow My Lead The Benefits of Lead Training Your Dog

At CK9 Training, we recognise that, along with boundless love and joy, our canine chums come with responsibility. Training for dogs, like boundaries for children, gives them structure and sets positive expectations for their behaviour. Lead training, in particular, helps you and your dog stay safe and happy when out and about. Here are some of the key benefits:

Relax, You’re in Control

Being able to relax when walking with your dog is key to enjoying your time together, and makes the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Feeling in control of your dog’s behaviour allows you to train him or her more effectively, but also builds trust and a sense of connectedness between you, leaving you both free to enjoy the exercise. Lead training facilitates this balance of structure and flexibility, especially with an extendable lead that allows your dog the freedom to explore.

Safety First

Even a cautious dog owner may not be able to protect their pet from threats if not well-versed in lead training. In the countryside, these threats may be large livestock, insects or poisonous plants, and in the city, contaminated puddles or dangerous litter like broken glass. Pesticides, insects and other dogs can also be a potential threat, adding not only to your worries for your dog’s safety, but also to your vet bills. Additionally, though we find it hard to imagine, our dogs can pose a threat too – to birds, rabbits and other wildlife. Lead training helps to ensure the safety of your dog, the safety of local wildlife, and even the safety of your bank balance.

Lead by Example

We’ve all seen irresponsible dog ownership in action, whether the owner or the dog is the one exhibiting bad behaviour! Lead training is an opportunity to observe your dog’s behaviour closely and to curb any problematic patterns, but it also allows you to demonstrate model dog ownership to others. Go on – you can be smug about it – after all, training is hard work!

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