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Dogs Vs Cats – Why Dogs Are Better

It’s safe to say that we here at CK9 training are dog lovers, and for years there has been one mammoth debate that tears friends apart. Dogs are better than cats. There, we said it, but let us explain why this is factually true…


Treat a dog with respect and he or she will be loyal to you. Dogs are pack animals and because of this they see their owner as the alpha being, and it’s in a dogs instinct to protect them. It also helps that you as the owner feed them. Dogs love food.

Cats are loyal towards humans, but they demand much more attention to get the same level of commitment you find from a dog. Cats are also a lot more independent and happier to spend days alone at times. Whereas an older cat would rather just sit on your lap…

Dog 1 – Cat 0


Who has honestly played fetch with a cat? We believe that you can have more fun playing with a dog than you can a cat, unless you are interested in bashing a dangled ball around for a bit.


With dogs being so loyal to their owners they are more likely to be helpful than cats, like getting its own lead for a walk, (if that’s considered helpful!) To see how helpful dogs can be check out this little Jack Russell called Jesse!



Dogs are assets to the workforce; whether it’s the police dogs saving the day or sniffing out drugs, or the golden Labrador helping blind people carry on living a normal life, thus giving dogs another reason as to why they are superior. Sorry cats, dogs win this category.

Despite the competition we love all animals equally and cats truly are lovable creatures, but until they bring your slippers like Gromit we will stick with our dogs!

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