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Doga (dog yoga): Craze or Just Plain Crazy?

Any dog lover will tell you that having a dog is more than just having a pet in the traditional sense. Hamsters and goldfish are undoubtedly nice but when it comes to top pet honours a canine companion has no real competition – sorry cat lovers but it is a fact. Here at CK9 Training we are always keen to advocate people getting themselves a loving companion, as they are a very rewarding way to spend your time.

As a premier provider of dog training in Epsom we get a lot of people keen to tell us about the ways in which they choose to spend time with their canines, and there are some pretty inventive ones. One that really sticks out though is the burgeoning Doga or dog yoga trend, which is the talk of any respectable dog forum and park bench.

The first question that I’m sure you’re asking about Doga is ‘What is it?’ Well, allow us to offer the most simple and inclusive answer that we can muster; it’s yoga, with your dog. If you want an answer that is a little more visual then press play on the video below and make your own mind up.

So why do it?

Though Harvard and Cambridge universities are yet to publish their in-depth studies into the exact benefits of Doga, the internet is awash with potential benefits such as the list below;

  • Gentle stretching – as with humans the gentle stretching of joints and muscles apparently helps to prevent and even sooth joint disorders.
  • Bond between owner and dog – the nature of dog yoga promotes a closer and more trusting relationship between dog and owner, making training and grooming far easier.
  • Lowering stress – a stressed dog is an unpredictable dog, and Doga can apparently lower stress for both dog and owner, which is never a bad thing.

So, craze or crazy?

So the answer to our initial question, is it a craze or is it just crazy? Well we think that we will stay on the fence with this one. The fact that the practice comes with potential benefits for both dog and owner is sure to ensure that this is more than a passing trend. As with yoga for people though, we think that it will forever be seen as something of a ‘kooky’ practice as opposed to crazy. The one thing that we and all our customers agree on is that time spent with your dog is time well spent whatever you do!

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