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Cutest Dog Crossbreeds

It is no question that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of dog breeds and many crossbreeds on top of that. Here, we’re going to show you some of the cutest crossbreeds around. Dog lovers beware!


Corgi x German Shepherd

Known as a Corman Shepherd, this crossbreed combines the best traits of the Corgi and German Shepherd. Born out of the desire to get the pace and coat of a German Shepherd into a smaller-sized dog, the Corman Shepherd is an intelligent, active and affectionate dog that would make an excellent family pet.

Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle

These dogs are more commonly known by the name Yorkipoo, and are loving and confident dogs. Fun-loving, intelligent and gentle, these dogs were bred as ‘designer dogs’. They have plenty of energy and love to play, especially as puppies, but will also happily snuggle up on your lap.

Pomeranian x Husky

One of the cutest crossbreeds you will ever see, these dogs are affectionately known by the name Pomsky. They are loving, friendly, affectionate and playful, and due to their high intelligence they respond to training very well.

Corgi x Poodle

The Corgipoo is another insanely cute crossbreed. They are energetic, active and playful, but also little rule-breakers! These dogs are intelligent, but house training will require you to be firm and consistent, and would be made a lot more effective with help from a professional trainer.

Maltese x Poodle

This crossbreed, affectionately known by the name Maltipoo or Moodle, is very popular and is known for its fun-loving nature. Highly affectionate, active and charming, these dogs are well suited to living in apartments or small homes, and require relatively little exercise.

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