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Christmas Doggy Dangers (Part 2)

Christmas is a wonderful time for all the family, and of course that includes your poochy pal! As a dog trainer in Surrey, we get to see just how much each of you adore your dog – and quite rightly – but sometimes there are some aspects of allowing them to partake in our human-celebrations that are actually detrimental to them.

The first part of our Christmas Doggy Dangers blog lined out a number of potential problems that our furry friends can get themselves into at this time of year. So, allow us to provide you with the second part of our series and make sure that you and your dog enjoy a safe and happy Christmas together.

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One of the main issues with decorations is that their shininess and beauty also lures in our pets! While they may be beautiful, the paint and coatings can actually be toxic. The delicateness and daintiness can also be a downfall in that they are small and easily ingested by your animal, that’s not to mention if they chew through the electrical cable of your lights!

Christmas Trees

Pine needles can be annoying and frustrating at the best of times but they can actually be quite painful to your dog if they get stuck in their paw, ultimately causing an irritation. Make sure you vacuum regularly because if they make their way into your dog’s intestines, they can actually cause a serious perforation.

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Dogs love getting themselves into mischief, and ripping open presents is a prime example of just that! If you allow dogs to rip open their presents they will find themselves inclined to open yours as well, so don’t make that mistake… you’ll be fending them off your presents around Christmas time forever! Another thing to bear in mind is that a significant number of your presents may well contain things that are harmful to dogs, such as chocolate; so make sure you keep any tempting gifts well out of the reach of any prying paws.

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It’s a fantastic time of year to show everybody just how much you love them, and for you to be able to show your appreciation to them for being there throughout the year; unfortunately for your dog, the best way you can show them you love them is through keeping them safe! One way you can help to keep them safe is through allowing them to meet us, where we can work our professional dog training magic and keep them out of mischief. You can contact us on 07739 815 265, where our team can help you and your pooch enjoy your best season yet!

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