Canine Masterminds: The Smartest Dog Breeds

All dogs are smart. In fact, we can all admit to being outsmarted by our canine companions every now and then.

But whilst we’d all like to think our dogs are the next Einstein – and we’re not doubting that – some dog breeds are renowned for their remarkable intelligence.

Want to know if your dog makes the cut? Then read on, as we take a look at some of the world’s brainiest dog breeds.

Australian Cattle Dog

These cattle-chasing canines from Down Under are exceptionally smart. Alert, resourceful, and fiercely loyal, these dogs are renowned for their intelligence and independence.

Australian cattle dogs live to work and excel at an array of dog sports too, including obedience, agility and flyball.




The Papillion is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, and they’re all the wiser for it. Deceptively cute, these hairy hounds might be a little on the small side, but they’ve got plenty of personality to make up for it.

This vivacious breed could give dogs twice their size a run for their money, and are known for their obedient and responsive nature.

That said, these spirited dogs need plenty of mental stimulation to prevent them from becoming too big for their boots.



Never judge a dog by its fur. Incredibly quick-witted, poodles have got both beauty and brains.

These elegant dogs are lively, playful, and have an undeniably sunny disposition too, making them fantastic pets.

Poodles thrive on mental simulation and love to learn. They’re masters when it comes to training and obedience. But be warned, when left to their own devices these mischievous mutts may decide to find less-than-desirable ways of keeping themselves occupied.



German Shepherd

German Shepherds are renowned for their fearless nature. This breed is not one to let sleeping dogs lie either, and when on a mission – whatever this may be – will really commit to the cause. They’ve performed pretty much every kind of job known to dog too, from herding sheep to chasing criminals.

German Shepherds are natural protectors. They’re highly adaptable and intelligent to boot. But their incredible smarts mean that they also have a tendency not to suffer fools gladly, which means the correct training from an early age is a must.


Golden Retriever

With their luscious golden locks, Golden Retrievers are one of the most instantly recognisable dog breeds. And when it comes to cuteness, they’re in a league of their own.

Golden Retrievers aren’t just smart either. They’re really smart. And their intelligence and eager disposition makes them fantastic therapy dogs.



Border Collie

Border Collies are considered by many to be one of the smartest dog breeds around. Prized for their intelligence, Border Collies are workaholics too.

Tests have shown that this incredible breed can understand around 250 different words and signals, putting them on par with a two-year-old child! And have you heard about Chaser? This extraordinary canine is able to recognise over 1000 words – pretty incredible really!



Shetland Sheepdog

These small, agile, dogs – also known as Shelties – are bundles of energy. They’re pretty bright too, and a dab hand at learning new commands. Shelties excel at activities such as herding and they’re pretty good at keeping their owners on their toes too.

These dogs are very eager to please and devoted to their owners, making them fantastic pets. Not convinced? Watch Lassie!



What makes the dogs on this list so smart? Their amazing ability to learn new commands and follow these obediently – providing they have the right training of course!

All dogs, regardless of their breed, require the right education to ensure their intelligence is put to good use. And, who knows what your dog could achieve with the correct training.

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