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Antisocial Behaviour – Why Does My Dog Do That?

Many adult dogs have issues when they meet other dogs. This can manifest itself as over-exuberant play, fear or aggression. If your dog is antisocial, walks can become stressful for both parties and finding a kennel or dog sitter can be very difficult.

The experts at CK9 Training can help you with all aspects of socialising your dog. In the meantime, here are a few tips to note.


Daily Doggy Introductions

If your pet is an “only dog”, there’s a good chance that his only interaction with other canines takes place infrequently during his daily walks.

Aggression between strange dogs is often sparked by pent-up energy. If your dog has already enjoyed a good run around, he’ll probably be more chilled-out when you encounter another dog, so take a ball or frisbee to the park with you.

Regardless of the amount of posturing and barking that ensues when you meet another dog, it’s important that you stay calm yourself. Don’t pull on your dog’s lead or shout at him. This will just create more excitement and he may interpret your reaction as aggression towards the other dog. If things get too frantic, just calmly walk away.

If your dog is inclined to take on the role of aggressor when you meet other dogs out walking, fit him with a muzzle. This not only guarantees that he cannot physically bite another dog; it can help to calm him down mentally too. He will be more inclined to investigate the other dog in a positive, rather than a negative way.


Canine “Play Dates”

If you have a friend with a quiet, non-aggressive dog, it can be a good training tactic to arrange a play date. Let the dogs meet in the garden first rather than in the confines of the house, and encourage a fun play session using toys.

When the dogs have become acquainted and are well-exercised, move indoors. It’s a good idea to remove toys and food in a confined space, just in case squabbles break out.


In Conclusion

Most dogs enjoy the opportunity to socialise and interact with others. If your dog has problems socialising with others, contact the helpful team at CK9 Training.