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6 Top Dog Songs

Here at CK9 Training, we love dogs – and over the years, that sentiment has been shared by many musicians and songwriters. As a result, our faithful companions have been the subject of many songs, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites.

6: I Love My Dog – Cat Stevens

Does it seem odd to begin our list with a man named Cat? Not when he’s singing about dogs. The idea that “I love my dog as much as I love you” is familiar to many a dog owner – although for some of us, “as much as” may actually be more like “a bit more than!”

5: Man of the Hour – Norah Jones

This lovely song was written by singer songwriter Norah Jones about her most faithful companion, the one she can rely on to be her man of the hour. No, it’s not a person – it’s her dog, a poodle named Ralph, who is (like so many dogs) far more reliable than mere human companions!

4: Dog’s Life – Eels

Whilst it’s not exactly about dogs, we do love the lines “I’ll take a dog’s life, lying in the sun” – wouldn’t we all? The fact that we found this video pairing the song with Seth Casteel’s amazing underwater dog pictures is an added benefit!

3: My Dog And Me – John Hiatt

“It’s a different world I see when it’s just my dog and me” – this song really sums up the relationship between a man and his dog. Many of us have had this realisation; having a dog really does change the way you see the world.

2: Hound Dog – Elvis Presley

If you ask anybody to name a song about a dog, this is probably the one most likely to spring to mind. It’s a classic song, and undeniably catchy, but we still think it’s a bit unfair to hound dogs. After all, they can be classy too!

1: Mishka’s Song

We don’t think that any song by a human about a dog can beat a song sung by an actual dog. Okay, so Mishka has the benefit of an autotuning app,  but the same can be said of many human pop stars these days, right?

Whilst we can’t offer to train your dog to sing like Mishka (that’s a very special talent), we can offer dog training in Surrey to cover a range of needs, from obedience to agility. For more information, or to book classes, contact us on 07739 815 265 today.