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3 Essential Autumn Dog Walking Tips

Autumn is well on its way and although the colder weather may be a little off-putting, your dog will still need to be walked daily.

As a dog owner, it’s important to understand that the safety of your pet is paramount, and with the shorter days and longer nights approaching, walking your dog in the dark is going to become a daily occurrence for you.

Although the tips that we are about to give you are aimed at walks during the darker evenings and murky mornings of autumn, they can be applied throughout the year too.

So here it is, our top 3 essential dog walking tips for autumn!

Reflective is Key

Just like cyclists are advised to wear high visibility clothing when cycling, especially at night, it’s important to have some form of reflective material somewhere on your dog, such as a reflective collar or dog jacket.

This will make your dog visible to cars and other passing vehicles and pedestrians, reducing the risk of your dog getting injured by passing cyclists or vehicles if they are driving down a dark lane.

 High Visibility Dog Coat

It’s also advised that you wear some form of reflective item too such as a high visibility jacket so that drivers can also see you.

Durable Lead and Collar

This tip should be something that you are investing in already, but with the colder weather setting in, some dogs may feel the cold a bit more than others and may try to get home quicker when taken on a walk.

This may result in your pup slipping their collar if it is ill-fitting or even snap a flimsy lead if they are strong enough.

Dog and owner walking

It’s important to regularly check the condition of both the collar and the lead of your dog to ensure that you can keep them safe and under control while outside. The last thing that you want is for your dog to run across a busy road after managing to get out of their collar… and out of your control.

Take a Torch

As the nights draw in, it gets darker much quicker than in summer. Not only does this make manoeuvring dog on a dimly lit street more difficult, but it also hinders your duty as a dog owner to pick up your dog’s waste.

Ensuring that you take some form of light emitting device with you will allow you to keep an eye on what your dog is doing, as well as making the job of cleaning up after them a whole lot easier.

flashlight with a light beam

Autumn doesn’t have to mean a reduction in the time that you spend outside with your dog. In fact, it gives your pup something new to experience. With heaps of fallen leaves to play in, we’re absolutely certain that your pet will have the time of his life galloping through the crunchy “new” surroundings he finds himself in.

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