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3 Benefits of Puppy Classes for Your New Puppy

Puppies are cute, cuddly and sometimes chaotic. Enrolling your puppy in dog training classes isn’t only good for exercising a little control – there’s a whole host of benefits that puppy classes could bring to your bundle of fur!

1. It Could Save Your Dog’s Life
Puppies have no self-awareness and bark at anything that moves, but this also means that they bark and run towards moving vehicles and even bigger dogs. The more time you spend working with your puppy on commands, the more likely you will form voice control over your dog.

In the case that something horrible does happen, you have the ability to get your dog back to you safely. If your puppy is trained, they’re less likely to run away, and, if they do manage to escape, they should recognise your commands and return safely to you.

2. You Can Take Your Dog with You To More Places

An obedient dog is more welcome in a higher variety of environments, such as buses, cafes or even visiting friends and family. When you have guests over to your home, you won’t need to remove your well-behaved dog to another room or fear that they will embarrass you. You will be able to take your best friend hiking, camping, to public parks and beaches, pet stores and much more!

3. You Will Form a Stronger Bond

The initial bond with you and your puppy is a tentative one. When you first meet, you don’t know each other very well. To strengthen your bond, you need to do things together and spend as much time as possible with each other. Doing this allows you to learn what makes your dog tick and how to teach, work and play with them, and they also learn how to respond to you. As you do things together, you build trust and respect and the relationship you have deepens further.

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