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How To Go Hiking With Your Dog This Summer

During the summer we all want to get outdoors. Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy our beautiful countryside, and who better to enjoy it with than our furry friends? With good planning and preparation, you and your dog can enjoy hiking this summer. Check out CK9 Training’s advice below and you’ll be ready to go!




Before you set off, make sure your dog can manage your planned route. All dogs are different and they all can’t take on a mountain trek. You also need to ensure dogs are permitted on your chosen route, being particularly careful during lambing and calving seasons.

Plan plenty of rest stops and if you’re staying overnight, find dog-friendly places ahead of leaving.

Make sure your dog is up-to-date on flea and tick treatments and in good general health before you set out. If you’re unsure about how your dog will cope, ask your vet for advice.


Some dogs can carry their own equipment in a doggy backpack. Ensure it weighs as little as possible, no more than 25% for a fit, healthy dog. If you’re unsure, carry the kit yourself!

There will be lots to add to your equipment list, but here are the absolute essentials for your dog.

Treats – to encourage good behaviour and keep your dog going on long walks
Medication – take anything your dog already takes along with you
Water bottle and bowl – a collapsible bowl is light and easy to carry
Lead, collar and harness – essential to keep your dog safe and under control
Food – plenty of their usual food in case it isn’t available to buy

Countryside Code

The key to a safe, enjoyable hike is knowing what you can and can’t do with your dog. Clean up after your dog, leaving everything just as you found it. Beware of farm animals and of smaller animals nesting on the ground. If in doubt, keep your dog on a short, sturdy lead.

Re-read the Countryside Code before you set out so you know where you stand. Cooperation between hikers, farmers and residents is key to a safe, welcoming countryside. Contact us at CK9 Training for more information on hiking with your dog this summer.