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Why Your Dog Is Never Too Old for Training

Whether you’ve adopted an adult dog or simply never found the time to train your dog, it’s never too late to start their training (and cut down any strange habits). No dog is too old to learn; you need only adapt the intensity of the lessons to your dog’s stamina and age.

So, what benefits does training bring for you best friend?


Mental Stimulation

Any dog needs mental stimulation in order to not be bored. Boredom leads to depression and destructive behaviours, and ensuring your best friend’s happiness is important. Give your dog an outlet for his mind with daily exercises that are sure to keep his mind sharp.

Remember that a bored dog is an unhappy dog! Mental stimulation keeps your dog’s mind young and working as it should, ensuring that his age doesn’t interfere with his daily life. You’ll definitely see improvements in both his physical and mental state, ensuring your dog is happy and healthy.


Even older dogs need exercise, and training is the ideal way of setting up an exercise routine tailored to your dog’s needs. In addition to the daily walking routine, adding some exercises to teach your dog new tricks will ensure that his mind gets exercise too.

Plenty of exercise, personalised to your dog’s requirements and age, helps his body to be healthier and for him to feel better. As his muscles and bones get exercised, they become stronger and healthier. Get in touch with your dog’s vet if your dog is a bit older; your vet will be able to tell you how much exercise is good for your best friend.


A lonely dog is a bored and unhappy one; socialisation is a vital component for any dog, as they require social time as much as you do. Training your dog gives him plenty of time with other people and other dogs, allowing him to have fun and relax.

And when your dog is around others, he’s likely to want to play with them and feel happy! Even an older dog can quickly act like a puppy when his friends are around.


No dog is too old for training, and here at CK9 Training we have a variety of training for adult dogs that is sure to keep your best friend happy. Simply talk to your dog’s vet beforehand if you’re unsure of your dog’s physical ability.