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Why Training for a Rescue Dog is Essential

A large number of dogs come from rescue homes or shelters these days. While it is great to see so many hounds given a second chance at life, and while they may make excellent pets, each one comes with a degree of uncertainty about its history. Be it a puppy or an adult, even if you think they might have had previous training, without evidence it is strongly recommended that your dog goes through some early training. This can help build a better bond, and to discover if there are any triggers that may make your new rescue behave in an unpredictable way.

 Family Dog Walk

Give Your Rescue a Good Start

While you might hope or believe your rescue dog is already trained, there is no guarantee. So, in the transition to their new home, any good behaviour might just be displayed through the dog’s fear or uncertainty, rather than their natural state. Through our types of training, along with the basics of sit & stay and obedience, a rescue dog can learn the rules that govern its new life and be better prepared to make that perfect family pet, whatever their history.

Many rescue dogs are nervous as new pets, they may have had an unstable former life, some may have been abused, while some adults may have been used for working or hunting in various capacities. By going through a training course, such as adult training walks or socialising puppy walks, both the dog and the owner will learn how to react and together we may discover any problems they might have.

Rescues can Come with Many Issues

That might be a dog with a strong prey drive, dogs with a compulsion to pull or dig everywhere. Whatever the problem, in most cases there are ways we can help you to interact with your dog and make your life together happier. These lessons, along with setting solid boundaries of what your dog can and is not allowed to do at home should help overcome any worries. Contact us to find out how we can help train your rescue dog to better integrate into your world and become a great pet for life.