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Is it too late to train an older dog?

It is never too late to train your dog, whatever their age.

Whether you have rehomed an adult rescue dog or your puppy is a little bit older and now going through adolescence, some form of adult dog training, be it classes or private lessons, can really benefit both you and your dog.

If you have recently taken on a rescue dog, it can be very beneficial to attend adult dog training classes.  Even if your newly acquired pet does seem to have a good knowledge of basic commands, classes can be a great way for you to develop a good bond with each other.  Training courses also have the benefits of being able to provide dogs with socialization opportunities and they can learn new skills, which they missed out on learning as puppies.  We can also help you to get rid of those unwanted habits such as jumping up at people.

Some of the main training issues we deal with are dogs not behaving when out on a walk, e.g. not returning to their owners when called (particularly if they are distracted), dogs that pull on the lead, and dogs that jump up or chase joggers and cyclists.  CK9 Training runs adult dog training walks in Nonsuch Park, Surrey once a month, which give owners a perfect opportunity to practice their training in a real-life situation under the supervision of two experienced dog trainers.  We also hold workshops that deal specifically with one type of problem, i.e. recall or lead walking.  These are suitable for dogs aged six months and older.

Group classes do not suit every dog.  Some may be fearful or reactive towards other dogs.  Private lessons or a behavior consultation would then be recommended in the first instance.

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