How does online dog training work?

Online dog training sessions from CK9 are perfect for owners who can’t get to class or are more in need of pointers and support than hands on, practical coaching.

Five reasons to try online dog training

  • No travelling. Eco friendly and great if your dog hates journeys and/or classes
  • Great advice in the comfort of your own home
  • Personalised to you
  • Ask questions and get the answers you need straight away – no lengthy internet searches
  • Cost effective

What happens in an online dog training session?

The session is normally conducted through Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.  At your pre-arranged time, our dog trainer will connect with you just as though you were sitting across a table from each other.

If you have already let the CK9 team know what you need help with, we will gather together any props and useful objects before the call so that you’ll be able to see them on your screen. For example, you may be wondering how to keep your dog calm while he or she recovers from surgery. We can suggest some interactive toys and games that we think might help – you can discuss their merits with our dog trainer before heading off to the shops.

After the call, we can email you links to useful information and/or videos.

We coach, you train

Online dog training is a very different experience to classes, workshops or even 1-2-1’s but the principals are just the same. We help you to achieve your dog training goals.

The dog trainers at CK9 Training, are here to teach you how to train your dog. We talk about your dog training goals, how dogs learn and how best to achieve your aims.

In training classes, workshops and 1-2-1’s we demonstrate techniques, exercises and games that you can use as training tools. If you hit a glitch, in class, your dog trainer will offer you some hints and tips on how you can improve your method and get the results you need.

Real time demonstrations can be tricky with online dog training but there are other benefits that more than make up for that. For you decide on the subject, you set the pace and you can ask as many questions as you need to. There are no distractions from class mates or canines so it’s easy to focus.

Online dog training is like having a mentor or a business coach who can allay worries and help you improve your performance.

What can online dog training help with?

There’s a whole host of problems that we can help with via our online dog training sessions. And, if during a session, we agree that a more hands-on approach is appropriate, we can of course organise 1-2-1 training or book you into a class.

  • Pre-puppy advice – everything you need to know and prepare before you bring a new puppy home.
  • Socialising your puppy – what to embrace and where to take caution.
  • Teaching puppy what’s OK and what’s not. Things such as nipping, settling at night, toilet training and getting along with other pets.
  • Basic training – especially if progress has hit a plateau or if you want to train new behaviours and don’t know where to start.
  • Developing your dog’s talents – how to tailor training to your pet’s specialist subject. Eg gundog training, agility or scentwork
  • Rescue dogs – what is “normal” behaviour and how to untrain bad habits.
  • Anxiety in dogs – support and advice as you work with your dog to manage fearful or difficult behaviour.
  • Preparing your dog for a big event such as a new baby, a house move or the dreaded fireworks night.

What does online dog training cost?

Online dog training can be surprisingly cost-effective. Because there is no travelling for you, your dog, or your dog trainer it’s eco-friendly too. All you are paying for is the trainer’s time and expertise. No room hire, no equipment, no set up costs and definitely no cleanup costs.

At the time of writing, online dog training with a qualified trainer from CK9 Training costs

£20 for half an hour of private tuition or £35 for one hour tuition

Costs are subject to change, so please check the up to date price on our website