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Getting Your Home Puppy-Ready

One of the most exciting things that can happen to a home is deciding to bring back a pooch. Filled with love, energy and their own little personalities, they are the perfect pet for families.

However, there are a few things you need to put in place before bringing your new friend home. Whether you’re choosing to adopt or are buying a new puppy, the basic guidelines of how to prepare your home stay the same. 

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Just as you would baby-proof a home when there’s a new arrival, you need to do the same when you hear the pitter patter of tiny paws. They are notorious for getting into all sorts of unlikely places, so make sure that doors are fully closable and everything that you don’t want them to touch is well out of reach!

This involves ensuring that all hazards are hidden away, such as antifreeze or rat poison. The scent of these items are attractive to dogs but there are obviously devastating consequences should your fluffy pal ingest anything of this nature.

Choose a Vet

Picking a reputable vet that is easy to reach is vital should your dog become poorly, but choosing someone that you can visit semi-regularly is just as important. There are vaccinations and an array of other things that dogs need to be treated for to keep them in tip-top health.

Furthermore, new laws that have come into force mean that all pooches over the age of 8 weeks need to be microchipped or owners could face a fine.

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Purchase Supplies

Having everything ready for your new furry friend before they move-in will make the transition of moving to a new home a lot easier for them. Some of the most vital items include a bed, bowls, toys and a lead for when they’re ready to go on walks.

Invest in Training

Whether you’re looking for a puppy trainer in Surrey, or home visits because your puppy has yet to be vaccinated, teaching your dog basic commands will make both of your lives a lot more fulfilling.

Even if you’re adopting an older dog that has already had training, it is always worthwhile to give them a few refresher lessons to put their mind at ease as well as your own.

So if you’re bringing a new dog home and need some beginner adult dog training or want to treat them to agility lessons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!