Getting More Active With Your Dog

There are a great many reasons why getting more active is good for you and your dog. In this blog we’re looking at doggy activities for all abilities and fitness levels.

Activities to raise the heart rate and improve fitness

Walking your dog is a fantastic way to maintain fitness. However if you can’t manage long walks or if you want to challenge yourself a little more, dog agility classes are just the ticket.

You might already have seen this video of Chantal and the ESSC club competing in the Agility at Crufts. And you might have thought that agility is too fast or too complicated for you and/or your dog. Please don’t be put by watching dogs and owners who have been practising for years. They all had to start somewhere!

Agility classes at CK9 dog training start gently. As your skills and fitness improve, so will your speed. There’s no pressure to reach the dizzying heights that Chantal has achieved. The emphasis is on having fun, building a strong relationship with your dog and did I mention having fun?

Try it for yourself with no commitment. Book a dog agility taster workshop here

Activities to stimulate your dog’s mind

Mental health is as important for dogs as it is for people. Dogs who are bored or anxious can soon get themselves in a muddle and that causes misery all round. A dog whose brain is kept active is more likely to settle nicely and less likely to whine, bark or damage property.
Here are some mind stretching activities that involve the owners and are suitable for dogs of any age or physical ability


A dog lives to smell. His nose is a super charged information gathering device that tells him things we can only imagine. You will have heard of dogs being taught to use their sense of smell to help find drugs, search for missing people and even predict epileptic fits. They were not born superdogs, they’ve been trained. Your dog can be trained too.

Scentwork uses a dog’s nose and mind to find “lost” objects. A one hour class or workshop at CK9 dog training will leave your dog feeling confident, happy and sleepy. And you’ll be amazed at how talented he is.

Find out more about scentwork here

Performing tricks

Dogs love to learn. They love being praised when they get something right, and owners thoroughly enjoy helping their dogs to succeed.

How about a “high 5” or “roll over”? anything is possible – remember Ashleigh and Pudsey?

Video with permission from Britain’s Got Talent (

Our trick training workshops are a great starting point. Find out more here

Relaxing activities with your dog

Not everything you do with your dog needs to be hard work. A relaxing walk in the countryside is a fabulous stress buster for you and a real treat for your dog.

Here are 15 waggy dog walks in the Surrey for you to enjoy. Take a tip from me – pack a flask of coffee, a nice piece of cake and some water and treats for your dog. That way you can kick back and enjoy the views and just relax.

15 dog walks in Surrey

PS: If your dog is a bit of a handful and walking him is no fun, you are not the only one. Our dog trainers can work with you to improve his (or her) behaviour so that you CAN enjoy relaxing walks.

Our dog training walks are an ideal opportunity to address unwanted behaviour.

However you decide to get more active with your dog, the team at CK9 are here to help. If doggy behavioural issues are stopping you from getting out and about more, we’ll help you overcome them. Our job is to help you and your dog enjoy life together. Call us if you need us.

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