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Amazing Canines

We all know dogs are amazing animals, and owning a dog can be a truly life changing experience. Here we take a quick look at some of the amazing ways dogs can help transform people’s lives, demonstrating how our canine companions really are a man’s best friend.

Guide dogs

For decades specially trained guide dogs have been assisting and helping to improve the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted. Guide dogs undergo extensive training, and once qualified are able to assist their new owners with a variety of tasks including helping them to avoid obstacles and navigate crossroads as well as providing them with companionship. Great care is taken by charities such as Guide Dogs to match guide dogs with their owners to ensure they form a great and lasting partnership.



Therapy dogs

Dogs can also help to transform the lives of people with disabilities, and charities such as Dogs For The Disabled work hard to form life changing partnerships between dogs and people with disabilities. For example there is much evidence, both anecdotal and research based, that dogs can help improve the quality of life for children with autism, for example by helping to relieve stress. Dogs are also used on therapeutic visits to places such as hospitals and care homes to provide comfort and companionship to a number of individuals and help put a smile back on peoples’ faces.


Search and rescue

Dogs are also routinely used in search and rescue operations, for example to help find missing and injured persons in a variety of different terrains. Dogs are perfect for such a role due to a combination of their extraordinary sense of smell and ability to cover larges area of ground. Many of these dogs are trained to air scent for missing persons and alert their handlers once they are found, for example by barking, and finally will also take their handlers to the location of the missing person. In this capacity dogs have helped and indeed saved the lives of many people. Search dogs such as those working for the National Search and Rescue Dog association undergo intensive training in order to become a qualified search dog, and the whole process can take up to 3 years.



These are just a few examples of the many ways dogs can help and have an impact on our lives, demonstrating the true potential of our amazing canine friends. If you’re looking for a dog behaviourist in Surrey then here at CK9 training we are dog behavioural experts and can help you and your dog form an amazing partnership of your own. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.