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5 Tricks to Teach Your Pooch!

If you’re a dog owner then you will have no doubt taught your pooch to do a couple of tricks such as sit, and lay down. There is a whole world of cool tricks out there though, and they are not only cool to watch but can also be great fun to teach your pet.

As dog behaviourists in Surrey we have seen some truly remarkable dogs performing some amazing tricks and thought that we would share some of our favourites with you.


Weaving refers to the trick in which your dog weaves between their owners legs as if they were a human slalom. The trick looks really cool and is relatively easy to teach, check out the video below for a guide;

Jump Through a Hoop!

An obedient dog will literally jump through hoops for a treat so why not make it into a trick? The video below provides a really simple guide to training your dog in this discipline;

Paw/High Five

Tired of being left hanging when you offer out a high five? Well your dog will never let you down! Check out the video to get your dog high fiving like a pro in no time!

Roll Over

This one becomes infinitely funnier if your dog is named sausage (sausage roll!) but it’s pretty cool seeing any dog master rolling over on command. This common trick can be surprisingly difficult to teach, especially with bigger dogs, check out the video below to learn;


Perhaps the most impressive trick visually once your dog masters it, the slalom is tricky to teach but is worth the reward. Here’s a little guide if you fancy teaching your dog to slalom;

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