5 fun things to do with your dog this spring

  • Go on a Sniffari
  • Enjoy a Picnic together
  • Create a sensory garden
  • Tackle those training problems you’ve been meaning to sort out
  • Teach your pet a new trick or two

Take your dog on a “sniffari”

What’s a sniffari? I hear you say. Well, its an opportunity for you to find out what your pet is really interested in. It’s also a chance for your pet to put his or her favourite organ to use. A dog’s nose is equivalent to our news channels and social media feeds. There’s nothing dogs like more than unrestricted sniffing.

So, for your Sniffari, you need a safe place to walk. Preferably somewhere your dog doesn’t go very often. Maybe somewhere like Crane Park (link below) or perhaps you local garden centre.

Be sure to take poo bags, a long lead, water for your dog to drink, and a towel for puddle jumpers.

The rest is simple – allow your dogs to lead the walk. Let them stop and sniff wherever they like and for as long as they like. Your job is to chill out, relax and enjoy the experience. Naturally you’ll need to observe the country side code, make sure your pet doesn’t bother people, dogs or wildlife and that you are all safe – just as you would on a normal walk. Trust me, your dog will be exhausted by the end of it and probably sleep for the rest of the day.

Enjoy a picnic together

This is a chance for you, and your dog, to just sit and watch the world go by. No rush and no pressure. With lockdown restrictions easing, you could meet friends or family either in your garden, their garden or the local park.

While you tuck into your favourite picnic food, your pet could enjoy a juicy bone, a favourite chew toy or a stuffed Kong toy.  If you feel energetic, you could combine your picnic with a long walk or some training. 

Create a sensory garden for your dog to enjoy

This is a way to bring the Sniffari home – but this time it has even more exciting scents, sounds, textures and experiences.

Start by joining the Facebook group Sensory Gardens for Dogs (link below) to find hundreds of ideas that will entertain your dog. Depending on your pet’s personal taste you could introduce a raised platforms, shelters, tunnels, different surfaces, pots of scent – all at different heights, a sand pit or a digging zone, maybe some water to splash in too – the list goes on.

The joy of having a sensory space in your own garden, is that you can introduce different activities every day if you want to.  Use it for scent training, agility skills, or just for goofing about chasing bubbles.  

Sensory gardens are wonderful for fearful dogs, reactive dogs or senior pups who can’t walk far. They build confidence and help dispel anxiety in pets and owners don’t need to worry about their dogs behaving badly in public.

Tackling training problems

Lockdown has been just as  weird  for pets as it has been for humans. With the extra pressure of social distancing and self-isolating we’ve all had a good excuse to let some of those doggy behavioural problems become habits.

Now is the time to get on top of everyday training needs. Things like loose lead walking, recall and reactivity to dogs and people.

CK9 Dog Training are here to help – try our online lifeskills training, our separation anxiety package or our puppy perfection classes. There’s lots to choose from on our website.

Face to face training will be opening soon. Click here to contact us if you’d like us to tell you where and when your closest classes will take place. 

Teaching your pet a trick or two

Trick training is so much fun for dogs and for humans. Especially when you can demonstrate your dog-training skills to friends and family.  Imagine if your pet could sit up and beg, bow to visitors or “dance” with you.

Our online tricks package costs only £20 and will keep you and your pet entertained for hours. Click here to discover more. 

Useful links

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