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4 Ways Your Dog Says ‘I Love You’

Dog owners like to believe their four-legged friends love them as much as they do. And considering how much dogs do for their human companions, like saving them from poisonous snakes and natural disasters, we’re sure that’s true.

But if your dog hasn’t jumped into the lake to save you from drowning yet, how can you know for sure that he really loves you?

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His Eyebrows Move

Dogs are known for being expressive. After all, your puppy looks hopeful at the last piece of pizza in your hand, or sad that you have to leave the house. Maybe this is wishful thinking on your part, wanting to read your dog’s emotions like he’s a person, but it might not be that far-fetched. Studies have shown that your dog might actually be telling you something from his ‘facial expressions’. If his eyebrows move when he sees you, he’s showing you love.

He Stares At You

Does your dog stare at you even when you’re empty-handed? He’s not expecting a treat, so why would he be looking so intently? Turns out it’s because he’s ‘hugging you with his eyes’. He’s not just trying to get food or a walk out of you; he is actually showing you how much he loves you. It makes him happy to look at you, just as it makes you happy to look at him.

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 He’s Happy To See You When You Get Home

Whether you had a stressful day at work, or you merely had to pop in the store for milk, your dog is still happy to see you when you get home. And the way he shows you that is by wagging his tail and smiling that doggy grin that never fails to make you smile as well.

He Keeps Following You

You’re trying to water the plants, make lunch or even make the bed, and yet your dog keeps following you everywhere. It’s not because he wants to help you do the chores, though that would be the ultimate sign of his love, but because he still has the instincts of his ancestors. Dogs are pack animals and they enjoy company, canine or otherwise. So even when he keeps tripping you up, remember he’s merely showing you how important you are to him.


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