Why Training for a Rescue Dog is Essential

A large number of dogs come from rescue homes or shelters these days. While it is great to see so many hounds given a second chance at life, and while they may make excellent pets, each one comes with a degree of uncertainty about its history. Be it a puppy or an adult, even if you think they might have had previous training, without evidence it is strongly recommended that your dog goes through some early training. This can help build a better bond, and to discover if there are any triggers that may make your new rescue behave in an unpredictable way.

 Family Dog Walk

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Three Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Pet for Professional Training

Untrained pets, especially dogs, are susceptible to unsociable behaviour such as barking, biting or scratching. Some of the most overlooked red flags for when your pet needs professional training are aggression, biting and failing to respond to you when you call them. This goes to show that your pet could do with some obedience training. While you can personally train your pets to obey you, chances are you won’t manage to achieve the results that a training school will achieve in the same time frame.

Happy Puppy

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