Does Your Dog Need Private Training?

Is your dog aggressive and unwilling to be handled? Does your pup growl at you and disobey any commands? If so, you should consider investing in private dog training lessons.

Perfect for the anxious or timid dogs who doesn’t get on with others, one to one sessions will build your dog’s confidence at their own pace and you will soon see a huge difference in your dog. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


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How to Keep Your Dogs Clean

Keeping your dogs clean, smelling fresh and well groomed can be a struggle – especially if your pet enjoys rolling around on the ground or is a naturally smelly dog! It’s quick fixes between baths that we’re interested in, so we at CK9 Training have compiled a list of five easy ways to keep them clean, healthy, and smelling great.


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Should you Worry About Kennel Flu?

Dog owners only want the very best for their pet. This is why they invest in services like CK9 Training because it starts their pooch off on the road to a long and happy life. Despite their best efforts, many dog owners still worry about their pet – especially when it comes to kennel flu. Should you really worry about it though? Here are some things you could do with knowing.


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The Science of Dogs

Dogs are, as everyone says, man’s best friend. Because of the interactions and bonds produced between humans and dogs, there are a lot of studies that have been conducted to try and understand the psychology of dogs and how they make humans feel. It turns out (as if we didn’t know!) that they are extraordinary creatures.

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