Why Your Puppy Should be Socialised Early On

Dogs are extremely attentive and sensitive animals, and they love to communicate. Because they learn many of their adult behaviours during their formative weeks, it’s important that you ensure your puppy can socialise with other people and animals. Dogs are also adventurous, so they’ll explore places and discover new noises and activities while they’re young, meaning that poor socialisation will result in behavioural problems – which can ultimately lead to aggression, phobias and other unwanted behaviours. [Read more…]

Essential Summer Dog Walking Tips

Good weather always invites walks and more time spent outdoors. You’re probably excited to spend more time with your best friend, and we think it’s an excellent idea! Exercising your pooch keeps him healthy all year-round, but you need to be aware that your dog is safe and sound during summer days when you go for a walk.

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