Animal Training: What Does It Really Achieve?

You can probably tell that we love to train animals. As a leading dog behaviourist in Surrey, we know just how beneficial good training is, for both you and your animal.

But how far does this training extend in the animal kingdom? Can all animals be trained in some way, or is it strictly domesticated animals that respond and benefit from such training?

According to this article, it seems as though our wild feathery friends are susceptible to being trained, albeit they don’t realise it.

Feed the Birds

Eight year old Gabi Mann is a pint sized Doctor Doolittle. After dropping her chicken nugget on the floor at the age of four and the crows swooping down to gobble it up, her relationship with the local crows has blossomed into something unique.

Gabi feed the crows every day from her home. Covering her bird feeder in peanuts and hiding dog food in the grass, the crows flock to her garden, and in return for the gourmet meal, the provide Gabi with shiny trinkets. She has received shiny glass pebbles to paperclips, and she loves every single gift, except maybe the rotten crab claw she once received!

Can They Be Trained?

So, does this mean that crows can be trained? John Marzluff, a leading professor in wildlife science at the University of Washington believes so. He mainly specialises in birds, particularly crows and ravens.

He believes that being consistent when rewarding them is the key to their friendship. Rewarding good behaviour is key when it comes to training any animal, so it seems as though birds also adopt this reward behaviour.

Unlike dogs and cats which are now bred for domestication, these animals currently have no reason to trust humans, which is what makes this story so amazing. The crows have formed a bond of trust with Gabi, simply because she provides them with something they need to survive- food.

What Else Can Be Trained?

Now, we’re not saying go out and try to become friends with a badger by encouraging it with food, but it is interesting to think- what other animals could be trained?

We have seen with positive reinforcement and training that foxes can and have been trained, so there must be some form of understanding in the animal kingdom where a lot of animals  do in fact respond to good training.

We believe that any animal with the right training can be taught to do specific behaviours. We understand the need for a good bond between an animal and their trainer in order to see the best training results. This is why we offer only the highest quality services to ensure your dog remains happy, healthy and a balanced addition to your family.

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