Caring for your Dog in Winter

With temperatures dipping and weather forecasts suggesting that the country should brace itself for snow, it’s important to consider how the colder weather can affect your dog.

The winter months can present a few extra challenges for our canine friends too, so here we give a guide to some top tips for keeping your dog healthy and happy this winter.

Senior Pets

Cold weather can be particularly unpleasant for older pets and can aggravate conditions such as arthritis, so it’s important to keep your pet warm this winter and ensure they have a soft, comfortable, bed to sleep on. There are also a number of other ways you can help to keep them more comfortable, for example, by providing a heat pad.

Check their Paws

It’s worth being aware that the salt and grit used to thaw icy paths and roads can be a little harsh on your dog’s delicate paws, so make sure to check them for any signs of irritation.

Beware Antifreeze

Make sure to keep your pet away from antifreeze and clear up any spills from your vehicle quickly and thoroughly. Dogs can be drawn to antifreeze because of its sweet taste. This substance is highly toxic to dogs and can cause fatal kidney damage, even in small quantities.

Sweater Weather?

When the cold weather really starts to bite, it can be worth investing in a coat or sweater for your dog. These can be particularly beneficial for short-haired, frail, or older pets and will provide a valuable extra layer of warmth in colder weather.

Take Care of their Coat

During the winter months, it can be worth allowing you pets’ hair to grow a little longer, to help keep them warm and stave off the winter chill. However, bear in mind that thick, heavy coats can become matted and knotted easily, so it’s important to groom your pet regularly.


With the shorter days and less than pleasant weather, you may find that your dog doesn’t get as much exercise in the winter as at other times of the year. Hence, make sure to keep an eye on their weight and food intake.

If you do find yourself having to walk your dog in the dark, then consider wearing high visibility clothing. You could also try using a fluorescent collar for your dog, or attaching a flashing light to their existing one, to ensure you’re both easy to spot and stay safe.

Hopefully these few handy hints and tips will help ensure your dog stays in shape during the colder weather.

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