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The 5 Most Heroic Dogs in the World

Tales of heroic dogs aren’t rare; plenty of dogs will risk their lives to save others. Whether they are running into burning buildings or fending off attackers, heroic dog stories have come from all over the world. These five heroic dogs, however, stand out from the rest. Starting with…



There are many stories of dogs saving their families from armed intruders, but none quite like this one. Kankuntu and his family were on a boat trip off the shore of Venezuela when their 41 foot yacht was hijacked by armed pirates. Kankuntu leapt into action and attacked the pirates, suffering a bullet and a knife wound in the process. Thankfully, the pirates withdrew and the family were able to nurse the dog back to health. The owner of the boat reported that the dog often “thinks he’s a lion” and this certainly helped the family out in this situations!



Cats and dogs have been seen as natural rivals for thousands of years, but this didn’t stop Napoleon risking his life to save six kittens. Despite Bulldogs being bad swimmers, Napoleon swam into a lake and dragged a burlap sack containing six abandoned kittens back to shore. Four of the little felines survived thanks to his intervention.



When owners are in danger, it is not uncommon for dogs to run to go find help, but Belle took this one step further in her rescue mission. When her diabetic owner collapsed with a seizure, Belle actually managed to bite down on the owner’s mobile phone and call 911! Thankfully, and amazingly, Belle had been trained to dial 911 when her owner was in danger. After alerting the emergency services and saving her owners life, Belle became the first dog to win the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award.



Fighting an alligator head-on isn’t something even the bravest people would do easily, but when Blue’s 85-year-old owner was threatened with an alligator attack when she had fallen over, the dog leapt into action! Blue fought with the alligator and managed to scare it off, saving his owner’s and his own life. For his heroic acts Blue was awarded with plenty of treats and a specially engraved “Dog Hero” food bowl.




Dogs played an amazing role in the rescue efforts that followed the events of 9/11, but Trackr is one with the most notable rescue. Working with police officer James Symington, Trackr helped to dig 30 feet through unstable debris to locate and save the last human survivor of the attack. Trackr was awarded with a whole collection of medals, and being named as one of history’s most heroic dogs by Time magazine. Trackr was also named as the world’s most “cloneworthy dog” and has had five puppies produced with his genes.


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