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Dog Agility Training in Banstead, Surrey

 10 reviews - Write/Read reviews
 10 reviews - Write/Read reviews
We love agility here! Our instructors all compete in agility - it's one of our favourite dog sports. So whether you want to just do it for fun, or eventually want to compete, classes are... [ Read more ]

£120.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.

Full Details

We love agility here! Our instructors all compete in agility - it's one of our favourite dog sports.

So whether you want to just do it for fun, or eventually want to compete, classes are guaranteed to give you the right foundations in place whilst being extremely enjoyable for both you and your dog.

You will learn how to guide your dog over the agility equipment, help to improve your overall control and technique, as well as running short agility courses by the end of the dog agility course.

Most of the work in these dog agility classes take place off the lead, so you must be able to have a good recall with your dog.  A reasonable stay or wait will also help, although not essential at the start of the course.

These dog agility classes in Banstead are extremely popular and get booked up very quickly so contact us now to book a place!

Please note these classes are not suitable for dogs that display aggressive behaviours towards other dogs and people.

If you wanted to have a private lesson for your dog before committing to a course, or you would just prefer individual tuition, this would be £30 for half an hour or £60 for an hour.

Classes either take place at our field in Banstead or at Huntersfield Livery in Banstead in an indoor riding school. 
What do I need to bring to class?
  • High value treats such as cooked meat
  • Selection of toys that your dog likes to play with
  • Dog on a lead and flat collar or harness.  No flexi leads or slip leads please. 
When will all the details of the class be sent out?
You will be added to a dedicated class Whatsapp group a few days before the class starts where all the details will be posted.
What should I wear to class?
Agility classes are active for both you and your dog so wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.  
Where do classes take place?
Either at our private field or in an indoor riding school in Banstead. 


Virginia is amazing, Agility classes are so much fun! Io just loves it, we never miss a lesson, wish we'd started sooner!
Virgina runs our weekly agility classes, and is so patient with me and Effie, she comes up with great ways to keep Effie engaged (she has the attention span of a goldfish) and helps me remember the right way to run. The classes are one of the highlights of my week and Virgina is always so encouraging and always finds the positives, plus Effie thinks her treats are the best and is on her best behaviour
We tried the agility taster with Rachel and became hooked! We started with the basic skills and are now running around the course with more and more confidence. As a golden retriever, Bonnie is high energy and very clever, agility is giving her mental and physical exercise which is so good for her (and tires her out). We found that agility really helps to continue building a great connection between us. Bonnie's smiles at the class are like no other! We've now being coming to classes for 9 months (since Bonnie was 9 months). Highly recommend!
Bonnie (and Clare)
Agility is lots of fun! It gives us a great opportunity to do something a bit different and the chance to bond even more with Cooper. Being a Spaniel, we know he has certain needs for him to feel fulfilled and agility is a great way for is to positively achieve this. Rachel again brings a lot of experience and guidance to these sessions, which always makes you feel you are in safe hands and you always go away feeling like you have achieved a lot from each session.
Jenna and Cooper
We really enjoy our Agility sessions with Chantal and Maureen. The classes are fun, well organised and educational. Each dog and owner is treated as an individual. Highly recommended 😀
Dedicated, fun, good spirit amongst participants.....have had Chantal/Maureen both are excellent trainers, they take time to consider your needs/training as well as dogs (dogs are much quicker at picking up what is required than we were at the beginning) ....never miss a week, dogs absolutely love it. Would recommend CK9 agility to all.
I would recommend 100%. Chantal
Having been lucky enough to have had over ten years of training with many excellent trainers, ck9 training is exceptional.
June Gillison
Have been training with Chantal and Maureen on a regular basis and the sessions are fabulous. They assess what help both dogs and handlers need and provide excellent training at whatever levels suit the partnerships. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
Sue with Bryn and Artie
We have been doing agility training with Chantal for nearly a year. My border collie buddy and I love it. It’s lots of fun and great for bonding with your dog. It’s really coming together and we are doing courses and loving it. Thank you chantal
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