Mia was adopted by Caroline when she was around 9 years old....a rough estimate as she was found wandering the streets of Romania before coming to the UK.
She had a number of behaviour problems and before Caroline got in touch with me, she had already seen 2 behaviourists, both of which had recommended she give Mia up and return her to the rescue.
Caroline wanted to give it one more shot so got in touch.  Mia's behaviour problems included:

- Wanting to attack her cats
- Resource guarding around the other animals in the home
- Not wanting to leave the house to go for a walk
- Reactivity around other dogs 
- Barking and lunging at cars
- Fear of being touched by Caroline and her partner

Dog's Name Mia
Age 9
Breed Cross Breed
Sex Female


All of our training was online with Mia.  We worked on the following:

- Building up the relationship between Caroline and Mia
- Putting management in place around the home and garden so Mia wasn't able to practise unwanted behaviours
- Exercises to increase her confidence so she didn't feel the need to guard things from Caroline's other pets
- Lots of games to use around the house and out on walks to help change Mia's emotional response to things she found scary
- Focus and recall games


Mia is now a totally different dog.   Her and Harry the cat now choose to sleep with each other, the resource guarding has stopped and her reactivity has been massively reduced when out on walks.  She no longers barks and lunges at cars and is happy to go out on walks.  

Mia now also loves her cuddles and is no longer fearful of people.  
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