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Puppy Life Skills Part 1 - Saturdays in Ewell

Coming soon... | Ewell, Surrey

 5 reviews - Write/Read reviews
 5 reviews - Write/Read reviews
Suitable for puppies up to the age of a year old.   Our Epsom and Ewell life skills classes incorporate teaching essential life skills through fun games and science based training. ... [ Read more ]

£150.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.

Full Details

Suitable for puppies up to the age of a year old.  

Our Epsom and Ewell life skills classes incorporate teaching essential life skills through fun games and science based training.  The first session is held over Zoom.  In this lesson, we will get you all on the right path when it comes to  typical puppy issues such as toilet training, how to deal with playbiting, crate training, how your children can safely interact with your puppy, how to play with your puppy, how to reward your puppy and lots more!! You can also ask any questions about any other puppy 'problems' you may be having.  For those attending the classes with an older adolescent puppy, we will be going through any issues you may be having as well. 

From the second week, the training starts with your puppy at our venue and will cover the following:

- Teaching your puppy his name and how to call him away from anything to come back to you
- How to keep your puppy's focus when out on a walk
- Being calm and settled on a mat or in his bed
- Lots of recall games - that's for getting your dog to come back to you
- How to get your puppy walking nicely on a lead...without them pulling you or vice versa!
- Teaching dogs manners around people....so teaching them to keep all four feet on the floor when greeting humans, and not jumping up
- Self-control games around food and other items
- Dropping things they have picked up....puppies like to put everything in their mouth! 
- How to keep your puppy mentally stimulated at home by keeping their busy minds occupied....rather than them making up their own fun and digging up the garden, or stealing the laundry!

Also included in the course:

- Information pack emailed to you
- A dedicated Whatsapp group for the class where you can ask questions and submit videos throughout the course
- FREE access to our Puppy Perfection video tutorial course - over 30 video tutorials covering everything that is covered in the course (usually sold at £50)
- Lifetime Access to our dedicated Facebook group

These classes take place at Nonsuch Scout Hall, Bluegates, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2SA.  Training takes place both indoors and outside. 


How long is each class?
Around 50-55 minutes.
What do I need to bring to class?
  • A bed or mat for your dog to settle on
  • High value treats such as cooked meat or cheese cut up into pea sized pieces
  • Have your dog on a flat collar and/or harness
  • Normal walking lead
  • Long line
  • Treat bag to put your treats in
  • Couple of toys
Why is the first class online?
As you will discover, dog training is more like owner training 😉 the first session is done online without dogs as it gives us a chance to have your full attention, answer your questions and go through some exercises to start doing with your dog, so that by the time you do bring your dog to the first in person class, you will have already done some basic focus work and your dog is going to be more engaged with you. 
When will all the details of the class be sent out?
You will be added to a dedicated class Whatsapp group a few days before the class starts where all the details will be posted.
Do you prefer one person attends the training or can more than one person come along?
More than one person is welcome to come along to the training.  It is important that everyone learns to do the right thing and to be consistent - children are also welcome to come along and take part. 
Does the venue have parking?
Yes – the hall has its own car park.
If I miss a class, can I attend another one?
We will do our best to put you in another class to make up for the lessons missed if you can’t come to class because of illness or your dog comes into season.


Thank Steven for this lovely courses, Roxy now is more confident and obey, although still easy to over excited, but we know more about their temper and what to do, so it is very useful for new parents.
Loved coming to these classes - learned a lot and our children could come and learn too which was great
Laura and Zena
Very educational
Loved these classes and all the extra support you get out of the lessons.
Amy and Johnny
We came as a family to these puppy classes as Casper was our first puppy and I wanted the children to learn how to train and interact with him as well. Chantal and Katy were amazing and we had so much support throughout the 6 weeks. Highly recommend.
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