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Top Dogs: The Most Popular Pedigree Breeds

When you choose a dog, one of the things you will inevitably think about is their breed. It’s an important consideration; different breeds have different temperaments and will suit different families. If you’re keen to get a pedigree dog you won’t be alone; in 2014 the Kennel Club registered a grand total of 222,638 pedigree dogs in the UK.

So… which are the most popular breeds?

Most Popular Gundog: Labrador Retriever

The Gundog group is by far the most popular group, with 85,909 dogs included. This may be due to the fact that this group includes the UK’s favourite breed of dog – the beloved Labrador Retriever, with 34,715 registered in 2014.

Most Popular Utility Dog: French Bulldog

The next most popular group is the Utility group; there were 40,055 dogs in this group registered in 2014. The most popular breed here is the French Bulldog, with 9,670 dogs.

Most Popular Toy Dog: Pug

There were 28,915 dogs registered in the Toys group last year; yes, that’s right, although there are 23 different breeds in this group, there were still fewer of them in total than Labrador Retrievers alone! Of these toy dogs, 9,245 of them were pugs, a breed that’s been growing in popularity recently.

Most Popular Terrier: Border Terrier

Terriers remain a fairly popular group, with 22,449 registrations in 2014 – and 5,988 of those were Border Terriers. The cute little scamps!

Most Popular Working Dog: Boxer

There were 16,303 dogs registered in the Working group, and the most popular breed here was the Boxer – 4,146 registered. The second most popular was the Dogue de Bordeaux or French mastiff – as seen in the film Turner and Hooch.

Most Popular Pastoral Dog: German Shepherd

In the Pastoral group, there were 14,653 dogs registered, and with 7,926 registrations in 2014 the German Shepherds are the most popular – their nearest rivals, the ever photogenic Border Collie, having only 2,142 registrations last year.

Most Popular Hound: Whippet

Finally, just behind the pastoral dogs in terms of numbers, there were 14,354 dogs registered in the Hounds group. The most popular here was the whippet – 3,294 dogs registered in 2014 – followed very closely by the Miniature Smooth-haired Dachshund at 3,129.

Of course, whatever dog you choose – whether it’s a popular pedigree, a rare hound or an adorable mixed-breed – you need to ensure that you give him or her the right training for the best start in life. Here at CK9 Training we offer puppy training classes in Surrey to help you to understand your canine companion, and to help them learn appropriate behaviour and commands. For more information, get in touch with our team online or on 07739 815 265.