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Tips on Slimming Down a Podgy Pooch

If your canine friend has put on a little bit of weight, it’s vital for you try and get them back to their trim self to allow for a long and healthy existence. Just a few extra pounds can lead to diabetes, joint and bone damage, as well as difficulty breathing, which makes for a very unhappy pup!

Make sure to consult with your vet beforehand if you’re making a drastic change to your dog’s diet. Once you’ve sought some professional advice, follow these simple tips as a guideline if they’ve reached a plateau in their weight loss journey.

hungry dog with healthy bowl

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Exercise

As with humans, the best way for your pooch to lose weight is by eating less and moving more. That means you need to ensure that they’re getting enough exercise each day. Typically this is twice a day for half an hour, but it will differ from dog to dog depending on factors such as their size.

If taking them for a walk has fallen by the wayside because you have trouble controlling your dog, consult with a dog trainer in Surrey to learn how to make their walkies problem free!


Don’t Pander to Their Begging

There’s a reason that the phrase of ‘puppy-dog eyes’ is so common when someone wants something; it’s because the way a dog looks at you is irresistible! But if you want man’s best friend to be truly happy, you need to avoid giving them too many treats or leftovers from your meals.

This means going cold turkey, which includes giving up extra servings of turkey.

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Control Food Portions

If you can be forgetful about feeding your pooch, or aren’t entirely sure how much you should be giving them to eat, this is an easily changeable habit that will make a big difference.

Create a tick chart to remind you that you’ve already fed them that morning, and weigh out the dog feed to ensure that you aren’t giving them more than they require for their size.

If your pup needs to lose a lot of weight, always consult with a vet first to make sure that you are doing it safely and don’t end up inadvertently doing more harm than good!

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