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Tips from the Trainers: How to Make Your Dog Comfortable with the Vet

We’re willing to bet that your dog isn’t overly keen when it comes to taking a visit to your vet. Chances are, your poor pup will have been poked, prodded and restrained on previous visits.

Some may have even had overnight stays where they have been in a strange place without you and feeling a bit under the weather, or woken up with various tubes or bandages on from operations.

It’s no wonder why some dogs feel like kicking up a fuss when it comes to their next visit to the vet; from crying and cowering to showing aggression because they are scared.

As leading providers of dog training in Epsom, we believe that a trip to the vet doesn’t have to lead to distress for both your pooch and you! We’ve cobbled together a few tips to help you make that vet trip stress free.

Tire Your Dog Out

Wearing your dog out is an excellent way to relax them before their appointment. Going for a long walk or taking him to the park for a long run about until he is visibly worn out puts the dog’s body and mind in a tired state.


A dog who is tired is more likely to cope with manipulation and is considerably less fearful than a dog who has pent up energy and is already alert and taking note of what is going on.

Make sure your dog is clean and dry before going in to your appointment, especially if your dog is booked in for an x-ray as they can’t be performed on dogs with wet fur.

Bring Their Favourite Toy

If your dog has a favourite toy, why not bring it along to his check-up? As long as he isn’t possessive of it; he will need to drop it at certain points through the examination to have his teeth and mouth checked, the presence of his favourite toy will put him at ease and feel a bit more comfortable.


Think of it as like having a distraction for a child in a waiting room. If his attention is focused on his toy, he won’t even fully notice where he is.

Let Him Be On His Own

It may be hard to understand, but sometimes your presence can put your dog on edge. They love you and worry that they are in this strange place and will want to protect you from all these strange people should they feel threatened.

Taking away the “object” that they are guarding instantly puts them in a calmer state of mind.


We hope some of these tips have been helpful, and that if your dog has a fear of the vets, it will soon subside. Vets aren’t scary bad people, and the sooner you help your dog to be calm and submissive when in their presence, the smoother your trips will become.

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