Essential Summer Dog Walking Tips

Good weather always invites walks and more time spent outdoors. You’re probably excited to spend more time with your best friend, and we think it’s an excellent idea! Exercising your pooch keeps him healthy all year-round, but you need to be aware that your dog is safe and sound during summer days when you go for a walk.

Time of Day

Walking your dog early in the morning and in the later hours of the day is advisable. The cooler parts of the day will make it more comfortable for your pooch, and will ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from heatstroke. Have a cooling mat waiting for your dog at home so they don’t overheat; your dog will thank you for a nice, cool place to lie down after a fun walk!


A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog

Summertime brings some parasites along that you need to prepare for. In addition to the regular regime of protecting your pooch from heartworms all year-round, there are also fleas and ticks to watch out for. If you’re unsure what preventative measures are right for your dog, your vet will be able to advise you on medication and dosages.

When walking your dog in summer, don’t forget that your dog can get a sunburn too, even if the day isn’t too sunny. The less furry areas like the belly, the nose, the ears, and around the mouth are more susceptible to burning. Dog-friendly sunscreen can be recommended by a vet so you can keep your pooch healthy during walks!


Know Your Dog

Older dogs aren’t the only ones with bad hearts; puppies can be born with heart issues, and it’s important you are aware of them. In the summer, make sure that your dog has a shorter walk and be attentive to how your dog is acting. Signs of struggling to breath or walk? Have a break or cut the walk short. Make sure they have plenty of water and shade so they don’t suffer from heatstroke or worse.

If your dog has a darker coat of fur or longer hair, make sure to pay extra attention. Darker colours absorb heat more easily, just like when you wear a black shirt in the summer. Walks are supposed to be fun, so by taking precautions, you will make sure that your dog is wagging his tail happily next to you while giving you that sappy dog smile.



Outdoor adventures in the summer are fun and exciting, just keep in mind that your dog needs hydration, shade, and rest. Here at CK9 Training, your dog’s happiness and safety is our priority, and you can contact us on 07739 815 265 to know more about our kind and positive reinforcement training.

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