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Autumn Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

We love dogs. OK, that’s an understatement… but we are passionate about conducting our dog training in Surrey. However, with the days getting shorter and nights setting in sooner, there are certain aspects that we all need to bear in mind when looking after our furry friends, particularly as they like to get themselves in to all sorts of mischief.

In these moister months, and with the falling of the leaves, there are all sorts of little changes in nature that can become problematic if not considered. As such, we want to give you some things to consider when out with your pooch to help keep them safe and free from danger.

Family Walking Dog Through Winter Woodland


These little nuisances are present all year round, but there are actually some ticks that become more active through autumn and winter. The best way to avoid them grabbing onto your pets, and causing discomfort, is through raking up your leaves and garden litter, where ticks like to lurk. Even if you manage to avoid all the places that makes ticks tick – which, trust us, is pretty much impossible – you need to check your dog for ticks, as – at minimum – they can cause discomfort and – at worst – can be fatal.


Mushrooms are very much like ticks in that they crop up just about everywhere. Whilst it is fine to allow your dog the freedom of not being stuck on a lead, particularly if the area is one where they are used to walking your pooch, you must keep an eye on them to make sure that they aren’t snacking on anything they shouldn’t. Most mushrooms are safe, but there are a few that can cause a little more than just an upset tummy.


When the chillier climates roll around, your dog is forced to use more energy simply to keep themselves warm. It’s wise to speak to your veterinarian prior to simply giving them more food, however bear in mind that your poochy pal is going to be using up a fair amount of energy, particularly if they continue to run and play around outside.

Warmth and Coziness

It’s important to look after your dog and keep an eye on what they get up to throughout autumn and winter. One way to keep your dog’s behaviour at bay is through helping to tap into your dog’s obedience, thus being able to command them to stop any of their endangering activities. That’s where our super-friendly team come in; all you have to do is get in touch! So contact us on 07739 815 265 if you think your dog needs a little bit of training… you can teach an old dog new tricks!