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5 Summer Tips for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Once the sun comes out everyone heads outside. However, it’s important to remember your furry friend has unique needs when the heat rises. As they can’t tell you when the heat gets too much, you need to be prepared. CK9 Training has five tips to keep your best friend healthy so you can enjoy the summer together safely!

Happy Dog


As temperatures climb, consider changing the timing of your dog walks. Try to head out early in the morning and late at night. These times are cooler and more comfortable for your dog.

If you must head out in the sun, take water with you to keep your dog cool. The pavements can get very hot, risking injury to your dog. Consider protective boots which guard against burns.

Unwanted Visitors

Fleas and ticks love summer. They thrive in heat and can cause irritation and discomfort to your dog. Keep up-to-date with regular flea and tick treatments. This is the only way to ensure your pet stays critter free.

If you’ve been walking in long grass or woodland, check your dog for ticks. These egg-shaped insects need to be removed as soon as possible.


Dogs die in hot cars. When a car is stationary, there is no air flow, meaning even an open window will not prevent overheating. Plan your journeys to avoid any potential for your dog to overheat and never leave your pet in a parked car.


A dog’s skin can burn in hot weather. Dogs with white fur or short, thin fur are particularly vulnerable. Apply sun cream to their snout, ears, tummies and any area with thin or no fur. You might need to reapply as dogs tend to lick sun cream off!

Keeping Cool

There are lots of fun ways to keep cool. Swimming is a wonderful way to get exercise and cool off. Always check tide times and be wary of river currents.

A paddling pool in your garden is perfect for a splash during hot weather. Or you could make frozen treats to keep your dog occupied. Just freeze some tasty dog snacks in water for a quick, fun treat. Contact us today for more summer advice and guidance.