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3 Ways to Keep Your Older Dog Active

We’ve covered quite a lot of puppy training and care on our blog, so we’ve decided to turn our attention to the care and encouragement that older dogs need.

Even our canine friends have to deal with the strains of old age, so we’ve put together a short list of some of the things that you can do to help your senior dog live a comfortable life. As we provide dog training in Surrey to dogs of all ages, we want to ensure that all dogs are well cared for and their needs are met, no matter what their age is.


It is extremely important to feed your dog a balanced, nutritious diet, although his dietary needs may change as he becomes older.

Not only can they easily become overweight from the decreased movement that can come with older age, but they can also become severely underweight as often older animals may become disinterested in their food or find it difficult to chew.

Old sad dog

Finding the right balance all depends on how your dog is reacting to old age. If you are finding that your pet is becoming overweight, try exercising them a little more without pushing them too hard as it is much harder for an older dog to lose weight due to their reduced movement.

If you notice your dog having a hard time chewing, reduce the size of the food that you are giving them or moisten the food by adding water.


We know that your old pooch won’t want to run miles with you, but it is still crucial that you get them to exercise, even just a little bit. Just like people, a dogs physical desire to move will decrease with age, so it’s important to recognise how much your dog is capable of doing movement wise.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise activity for your dog to take part in as it is extremely low impact and takes the train off their aging muscles and joints.

Beautiful Golden Retriever Running Towards the Camera

However, if you feel that even that is too much for your dog, the important thing is to encourage them to move around while at home. Some movement is better than none, and if you can manage to convince your dog to have a walk around the yard at home, that’s a movement that he has full control over.

Vet Recommended Supplements or Treatments

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There are a number of supplements and treatments that can help your dog relax a little easier in their old age, but it’s important that this advice is sought from a vet. They will be able to assess your dog’s needs and take the necessary action.

This could include special massages or exercises to help loosen the joints, or even supplements to help them move a bit easier.

Try to provide your senior dog with the opportunity to relax, rather than stimulation to be active. Old dogs still have so much love to give… they just need to rest up so that they can give you more!


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